Exciting and Rewarding Career Opportunities for U.S. Military Veterans!
The HFX Veteran Wings™ Hiring Program gives U.S. military Veterans and Servicemembers a start towards building a successful career.

The program is designed to provide exciting and rewarding career opportunities for qualified U.S. military Veterans and Servicemembers with education, training and licensing to become brokers in the insurance industry.

HFX Insurance Services, working together with Colonial Life, is seeking military Veterans for business-to-business sales opportunities through its Veteran Wings™ Hiring Program.

The HFX/AVS Veteran Wings Hiring Program is a nation-wide new generation on-campus college program for United States military veterans and service members. The HFX/AVS Veteran Wings Program is sponsored by Colonial Life, Florida International University, Fidelity Information Services and AON, and has been approved by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

AVS (American Veteran Services) is sponsoring U.S. military veterans and service members to be educated, trained, and licensed as qualified insurance brokers, and will establish them as regional territory managers for the VA as well.

These licensed brokers can also choose to enroll in the HFX VSO Program, to become a certified Veteran Service Officer (VSO), helping other U.S. military Veterans with their claim and benefit options.

With the help of our valued program affiliates, there are a number of fields with immediate employment opportunities including careers in:

  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Risk Management
  • Retirement and Health Solutions
  • Administration
  • Information Technology
  • Aviation/Drone Pilots
  • Start Your Own Business
  • Manage Your Own Insurance Agency

By the Numbers

Our Veteran Hiring Program is two-fold:

  • SKILLS TRAINING: Train, develop and position Veterans into their local VA office so they can become a liaison between the VA, providers and consumers.

    • TRAIN: We will help Veterans become state licensed and appointed as licensed insurance agents or benefits consultants.
    • DEVELOP: Veterans will be educated in regards to the VA benefits administration, eligibility, plan designs, and supplemental/customized benefits, etc...
    • POSITION: Become the local point of contact for Veterans to assist with various Healthcare issues they are experiencing.

  • EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT: Become an HFX Partner/Broker to oversee the rollout and education of the HFX payment card.

    • Newly hired Veterans will become regional territory managers for the VA.
    • Recruit, train, develop new Veterans to expand their local teams / business.
    • Provide educational services to local providers on how to use the HFX payment card.

HFX Insurance Services is looking to hire a large number of insurance agents, brokers and salesmen and women to ramp up it's self-funded insurance teams across the nation to help employer groups reduce health costs.

HFX Insurance Services is a Managing General Agency utilizing the expertise of AON, the largest brokerage firm in the world, to access the appropriate risk structures and capital surplus levels to promote creative and alternative health programs.

Colonial Life will train the Veterans seeking out these positions at HFX Insurance Services, and help them get licensed by the insurance commissioners as well.

Upon completion of the HFX Veteran Wings™ Program, Veterans can:

  • Build a meaningful career with a family-oriented company
  • Make their own schedules
  • Capitalize on an opportunity for personal growth and follow a clearly defined upward track
  • Enjoy an independent contract position with a competitive compensation and bonus structure
  • Start their own business

We encourage our Nation's Veterans and Servicemembers to apply for available job postings on our corporate site and become a part of the fast growing work environment at the HFX companies. Available positions can be found at the CAREERS page of our corporate website.

More Information

For more information regarding The HFX Veteran Wings™ Hiring Program, reach out and connect with us via email or phone. Click here to visit the CONNECT page of our website or call 818.259.0440.